Case Study: enabling leaders for difficult conversations

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Challenge: Leaders were familiar with the general rules of conversations, but shied away from engaging in the challenging conversations necessary to address specific, critical issues. Situation: Corporate Compliance Department of a multinational consumer goods company was concerned that leaders within the organisation were displaying escalated…

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Case Study: transforming from a manager into a true leader

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Challenge: An effective project manager has difficulty building engaging and trustful relationships with project members from various departments, in different locations and countries. Situation: A global engineering company faced demanding challenges in the digitalisation of their production. A very experienced and effective project manager on…

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Case Study: purpose and vision as drivers for engagement and performance

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Challenge: Experienced business owners were challenged in their ability to lead the business more effectively and motivate their team to drive performance. Situation: A small, successful business started to suffer from the mediocre performance of their most recent employees. The founders had limited leadership experience. Reluctant…

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Case Study: blended learning programme for new virtual leaders

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Challenge: Leaders of newly-created virtual teams lacking experience in how to work together in a remote setting most effectively. Situation: Multinational Consumer Goods company reorganised its global supply chain, creating a different structure, within which virtual teams were the norm. The leaders were used to…

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Plant optimisation

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An unexpected call from an old contact led to a trip at very short notice abroad. A new plant was having operating problems and our expertise in the particular product area was requested. Investigation of the plant design and the actual installations highlighted one key…

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Productivity improvement

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A client asked for advice on operating his plant abroad in order to reduce costs and improve output. Whilst this is a common desire (who doesn’t want to reduce costs and increase output?) this was a particular challenge because the factory is complex and has…

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Supply Chain simplification

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When a multinational consumer goods company realised that their supply chains for soaps and detergents had become too complex, they asked what we could do to help improve them. After discussing proposals with Board members, we held a week-long workshop in the principal manufacturing site…

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Packaging Supply Chain changes

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Our client, a globally operating company, faced the challenge of moving production between sites in different countries. They were facing limitations on usage of existing materials and processes due to differences in logistical requirements, equipment and national standards. In this project we supported our client…

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Packaging Expertise Training

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Supported an internal training organisation of a large blue chip company by optimising and supplementing packaging related training content as well as delivering part of it during international training courses. This ensured highest possible relevance and applicability of the programme to the daily operating business…

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Process Evaluation

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Carried out an audit of an e-auction process for packaging materials to evaluate the effectiveness of the activity. This highlighted some of the weaknesses of the existing process and allowed a recommendation for future improvements in resource requirements and timing reduction.

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