Kick-Off workshop – Virtual Board Team

post-team3Team Building with Board members of a Swiss NGO

The newly elected president of this Swiss NGO asked for support in kick-starting the collaboration in the board. The team members are dispersed over the whole of Switzerland and will interact as a virtual team. Part of the team was in the board before and some historical baggage was expected to be brought in.

In preparation for the workshop the individual members were interviewed to determine the focus areas for the team building programme.
In the kick-off programme the team discussed their vision as a team and aligned it with the great vision of the organisation. Team values and behaviours were discussed and agreed upon.
Some experiential activities created insights for the members on how to watch out for and how to work together in a productive way.
The president and all team members were very satisfied that they evolved as a stronger team.

Some feedback:
President: “You created and held a safe space where we could speak up and be very open about our feelings and experiences in conflicting situations which helped us to learn how we can interact in conflicts constructively.”

A board member: “Your excellent support of and your empathy for our situation enabled us as a team , in my view, to avoid essential energy drains and conflicts. Personally I feel positive energy for a collaboration in the board and I am convinced that we have now the ability to choose the best way forward in situations where we disagree.”