Leaders benefit in virtual coaching

Quite some Leaders have initially shown reluctance to have deeper reflections in a virtual setting. My clients were surprised how easy the work via a virtual platform was and how good the rapport, the quality of our relationship. When it works, the benefits of virtual coaching great: 1) A greater flexibility in scheduling 2) One can do it even during a business trip. 3) As your coach I can be available on much shorter notice And whilst the benefits speak for themselves, I will address the obstacles and how to overcome them in practice.

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New thinking for coaching Agile Teams

Effective team coaching has to focus more on the distributed competencies in the collective Depending on the industry, most companies experience what it means to operate in a [tooltip text="Volatility-Uncertainty-Complexity-Ambiguity"]VUCA[/tooltip] driven market. In order to keep up with these dynamics and uncertainties organisations are changing…

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