Customer voices on our Online Coaching

Hear what Alan Graff’s experience was, working with Con-TACT and Bernhard as his coach

As we all know, it is quite easy to write things on a website or in posts about customer’s experiences working with a specific company or person.
We have always used written testimonials from our clients but feel hearing them talk about their experience working with Con-TACT or a specific person from our team is even better.

So, in the coming weeks we plan to share videos in which some of our clients talk about how it was working with us online.

For this post, Dr. Alan Graff, Head of Patents Immunology, Novartis kindly offered to make a start.
He worked with me as his coach, mainly in an online setting. Initially, he was sceptical about working remotely, however, listen to what he says now about being coached online.

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Thank you to Alan for his willingness to share his experience with us.

And if you want to explore opportunities of a coaching online, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

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