Join our discussion about the best ways to motivate remote team members

The Virtual Leaders Lounge is (y)our place for informal exchange and learning

Next session is on 26th November!

Business leaders of virtual teams and our virtual working strategist share tips around what works and what doesn’t to motivate virtual team members.

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 What is VLL?

If you haven’t heard about Our Virtual Leaders Lounge (VLL), here is a short description: It is an interactive online room where leaders of virtual teams across all industries discuss challenges and experiences related to leading dispersed teams. This supports the development of essential capabilities for leadership in a virtual setting and aims to establish best practice. Each 45-minute interactive session has a specific theme. Participation is free, but reservation is required as there are limited spaces available to keep the discussion lively and everyone involved.

There will be no Powerpoint presentations or prep work – only topical discussions with fellow leaders, facilitated and guided by experts in the field. We will use individuals’ real business situations and experience in order to maximise learning, and offer key tips for an immediate practical implementation.


Our next virtual leaders lounge session is on 26th November 17:00 hours CET


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We look forward to welcoming you in our Virtual Leaders Lounge!


To make it the most valuable session for you and the other 9 leaders please think of questions to ask, and challenges or ideas to share around how to motivate remote team members and drive team performance.

We look forward to welcoming you in our VLL session!


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