Season’s Greetings

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In our previous season’s greetings, I wrote: ‘It seems that uncertainty grows
faster year-on-year’.
I wrote it with a little hope that 2020 may be a bit easier. Instead, times continued to race relentlessly, and the pandemic brought an extra dynamic into our organisations and societies. Physical distancing and separation create emotional pain in private life and business, and this seems almost unavoidable.

Many people I have been speaking with in the last six months expressed a longing for stability and calm.
Yet, life presents itself a bit like an accelerating roller coaster that nobody had stayed on before. And just like on a real roller coaster some people can handle the ride better than others. I believe how we deal with this uncertainty and its pain can make all the difference.

A quote from Buddha seems appropriate here: “Pain is inevitable – Suffering is optional”

In this spirit, I saw an equation a couple of weeks ago: S = P x R
It means: Suffering is created by the Resistance with which we fight the Pain (in this case inflicted by disruptions). I believe it expresses well the thinking behind Buddha’s quote.

So, what would it be like if we do not resist disruptions of our times but ‘go with the flow’?
If you are negatively affected by this situation and suffer to a smaller or larger extent, privately or in your organisation, I would like to invite you to take a step back and think about how you could reduce resistance in yourself and in your teams facing disruptions to reduce suffering. Several times in the past, I have experienced for myself that ‘letting go of the resistance’ magically opened my mind to new ideas and ways forward.

With these thoughts I wish you, your teams and your families a happy
festive season, despite the circumstances, and look forward
to interacting with you again in 2021.

Bernhard A. Zimmermann

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